Facts about the life of Kabir Das, born of Banaras

Kabir Das ji devotional Nirguna was the best poet of the poetic stream. They were a great poet devotee and true social reformer. It is believed that on the basis of Jan Shruti, he was born 1398 A. In ‘Kashi’ was done in place. Legend is that he was born from the womb of a widow Brahmani. Who gave him a famous and left him on the banks of a lake named Lathra in Kashi, from where a couple named Niru and Neema added him and raised him.

Full Name

Sant Kabirdas

Other Name

Kabira, Kabir Sahib

Year of Birth


Birth Place

Lahartara Tal, Banaras (Kashi)

Death Place

Maghar, Uttar Pradesh


Neeru and Neema




Kamaal and Kamali

Karama Bhumi

Kashi, Banaras

Neeru and Neema named him “Kabir” which means. In fact, Kabir made his name meaningful with his actions. When he grew up, he was married to a young woman named ‘Loi’, from whom he had a son and daughter named Kamal and Kamali. Along with being illiterate, Kabir Das was a great, arrogant, fearless, rebellious and revolutionary social reformer. He had made his Guru ‘Shri Ramanand Ji’.

He gave him a mantra named Ram. Due to his self-respecting and arrogant nature, the then Lodhi ruler Sikandar Lodi committed many atrocities on him, but he emphasized on Hindu-Muslim unity with his speech.

Death of great poet Kabir Das

The 15th century Sufi poet Kabir Das is said to have chosen Maghar, 240 kilometres from Lucknow, as the place of his death. He had chosen this place at the time to dispel the notion from the people’s minds. It was once thought that anyone who died in Maghar would become a monkey in the future and would not be able to enter heaven.

At what place did the great poet Kabir Das pass away.

Kabir Das died in Maghar instead of Kashi. Because he wanted to travel there and dispel the locals’ superstitions and myths. According to the Hindu calendar, Vikram Samvat died in Maghar in the month of January in the year 1518 of Magha Shukla Ekadashi in 1575.

It is also believed that whoever dies in Kashi goes straight to heaven, that’s why Hindus go to Kashi in their last moments to attain salvation. Kabir Das sacrificed his life outside of Kashi to remove a misconception. There is a special statement related to this that “the way to heaven was so easy so what is the need of worship.

The teachings of Kabir Das are comprehensive. And is same for all because he did not discriminate between Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and other religions. There is both a samadhi and a tomb of Kabir Das in Maghar. After Kabir’s death, people of Hindu and Muslim religions clashed for his last rites. But when the chadar was removed from his dead body, there were some flowers which were distributed among the people of both the communities and then performed the last rites of Kabir ji according to their religion.

There is a cave a few meters away from the tomb. Which indicates the place of his meditation before death. There is a trust running in his name, named Kabir Research Institute, which is a research institute to publicize research on the works of Kabir Das. There is also an educational institution which also includes the teachings of Kabir Das.