Varanasi is called the cultural capital of India, because of its many names depicting each sector of diversity living here. Varanasi’s Archaeology, Mythology, Geography, and History, its unique location along the Ganges, its journey through Indian history, and its search to discover is what makes it India’s oldest living city.
Many religions, places, and kinds of worship may be found here. You will also find that even primitive worship cults are still practiced. The city also holds a special place in the city for Buddha, the Jain Tirthankars, Shaiva and Vaishnava saints, and Devoted Saints such as Kabir and Tulsi.

One will be amused to learn that Varanasi is home to a museum of architectural designs. It depicts the evolution of patterns and movements throughout history. It features a diverse and unique range of painting and sculpture techniques, as well as a wealth of folk art treasures. Varanasi has produced expert craftsmen throughout the millennia, and the city has become known for its sarees, handicrafts, textiles, toys, decorations, metalwork, clay and woodwork, and leaf and fiber crafts. Banaras has not fallen behind in terms of ancient crafts when it comes to modern industries.

Varanasi is India’s most ancient place of learning, the Capital of all Knowledge. Famous scholars and their ‘Shastrarthas,’ universities, colleges, schools, Madarsas and Pathshalas, and Guru Shishya traditions, famous literary works, diverse languages and dialects, journalistic traditions- newspapers and magazines, and famous libraries throughout the world are all found here.

The city enfolds holy complexes and social places, as well as the cultural pluralistic, linguistic, and ethnic groupings.

Banaras, the City of Music, Drama, and Entertainment, is known for its vocal and instrumental music, as well as its own dance heritage. Add to that a plethora of folk music and drama (particularly Ramlila), musical soirees, fairs, and festivals, as well as a rich legacy of Akharas, games, and sports.

The city is full of drama, life, and death, all converging to form a stack of emotions that everyone feels when they see the city of Benaras.