The world-known original concept of Dharma Samrat Swami Karpatri Ji also happens to be the home. Child of Kashi Bishwanath’s place, and later on who has eventually¬†propagated and had seen the emerged ways of religion, especially the Sanatan Dharma all over the world, has become famous, and people across the country are now celebrating his Existence. The kind of establishment this person has gifted to the pious and warm people of Varanasi, the type of spiritual contact it had set, is nothing but proof of dedication towards the Paramatma.


The construction of the grand Mani temple will be completed in the year 2020. It is considered one of the greatest temples of all time. This establishment had been made inside Dharmasangha Shiksha Mandal’s auspicious premises, the abode of Swami Karpatri, located in Durgakund, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. In the very center of the country. People from all parts of India can easily come here and pay for their important visits. The amounts that have been paid for the construction work of this Temple are not very less. The tourism department of Uttar Pradesh tried putting enough effort into making things right. Some hundreds of acres of land have been invested in giving this Temple a proper shape and the kind of close-to-nature message it preaches that anyhow relaxes the eyes of the devotees of goddess Laxmi. Here the main objective of the saints is to spread the message of peace and progress through the modes of worshipping her. The lands have been variously used. In the property, we can see the gardens, the places for conducting different types of yagnas, and maintaining social distancing. This place is the ideal one amongst all the present ones in Varanasi. The art forms have been e scripted over the walls. People have loved it so much that things have become smoother over the years. The one-story building has given a good outlook from every aspect. For the sake of balancing a good treat to the eyes gesture, Premium quality marble stones have been used to construct the building. Marble stones carry a super good quality that entails an overall cool, soothing ambiance getting to prevail inside the campus. It is well-known that temples happen to be cool from the inside, so if the balance does not come out from the construction, people will not find their solace here. All these thoughtful ideas were there while making this building.


The notion of making the slogans Jai Mata Ji famous was the whole point that the makers had before the construction of this building. The center is being adorned with the heavy Shiva Linga. That is for maintaining the traditional customs of Varanasi, where the day begins with the hymns of Har har Mahadev. Mata Ji is the sole goddess of this place, who is being given the title of Laxmi. Prayers are being offered a day thrice, with every bit of flamboyance. Some have mistaken it with the renovation of Kashi Bishwanath Temple, but that is not true. Mani Temple in Varanasi is a separate temple famous for the goddess Only. A city that breathes every moment to channelize its spiritual thread can not get a better option than this. When in Varanasi, you should pay your visit to this place.