Varanasi’s Dev Diwali, also known as Dev Deepawali, is one of the city’s most popular festivities. Varanasi’s ghats are adorned with millions of Diyas (Earthen lamps), creating a breathtaking picture.

Dev Deepawali is a Hindu festival observed in India. While Diwali is observed on “Amavasya,” Dev Diwali is observed 14-15 days following Diwali on Karthik Purnima (Full Moon Night) of the Hindu calendar. Dev Deepawali commemorates Lord Shiva’s victory over the three demons Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha, and Viryavana, together known as Tripurasura. Lord Shiva defeated them and demolished the three towns built by the demons, which is why this day is known as ‘Triporotsav.’ As a result, it is claimed that Gods visit the town of Lord Shiva every year in the month of Kartik, which is November, to celebrate his victory.
The day begins with ‘Kartik Snan,’ or the early morning holy dip in the Ganges. It is followed by the illumination of oil lamps on the riverbank stairs, which is the ornament of immortality and can steal the show on any given day. Then, along with ‘Ganga Arti,’ 24 Brahmins perform 24 sacred chants and Vedic mantras. The sight of a group of Brahmins holding giant Artis in their hands and moving it back and forth in unison is a sight to behold. Once you’ve seen it, the image will stay with you forever. To be honest, the celebration of Dev Deepawali is grander than one may imagine or have observed up to this point. Simply visiting the location at this moment will cleanse all of your negative ideas and emotions in a split second, and this is what Varanasi has to offer.

Everything about the location is fantastic, particularly the sedative festival, which is still relatively unknown.