At the union of the holy river the Ganges and the Assi river lies the famous Assi Ghat which is famous for its legendary historical beliefs and high religious sentiments attached with the place.

Rewa Ghat is a portion of Assi Ghat. ‘Rewa Ghat’ was built by Lala Misir – the priest of the king of Punjab, Ranjeet Singh who was popularly known as the Sher – e – Punjab (Lion of Punjab). He was the first emperor of the Sikh Empire. The ghat came to be known as the Leela ram Ghat which was then sold to King Rewa in 1879 and is today known as Rewa Ghat. The Rewakothi is located on the top of the stairs at Ganagamahal’s northern boundaries. The Rewakothi is built entirely of beautiful sandstones. Rewa Naresh gave this Ghat to Banaras Hindu University in the twentieth century. It is now a dormitory for students of the performing and visual arts.

History & Significance

This ghat and the Mahal at Ghat were built by Lalamisir Purohit of King of Punjab, Raja Ranjeet Singh Purohit, which is why it was previously known as Lalamisir Ghat. This ghat and mahal were purchased by Maharaja Rewan in 1879, and the ghat was christened Rewan Ghat. The collection of Ardhstambhs is used to build the Mahal’s coastline section. Several security procedures have been put in place around Ghat. Previously, this ghat was a part of the Assi ghat. Rewan Naresh presented this Mahal to Kashi Hindu Vishwavidyalaya in the second half of the twentieth century. In this Mahal, the university established a hostel for Drishya and Sangeet Kala students.

The attached emotion behind providing the space to students is, in the earlier times, the painting was done in the early morning hours to capture the natural beauty this ghat offers to the beholders.

How To Reach?

Rewa Ghat is a portion of Assi Ghat in Varanasi and hence the distance between Rewa Ghat and Varanasi Junction (railway station) is 5 kilometers. One can book a taxi or step in the local transport for the journey.

Best Time To Visit

Just like the other ghats, the optimum time to visit the place is either in May – July or from October-Mid December.

One should pay a visit during the early morning hours as there can artisans be seen crafting the beautiful scene on their canvases.

Things To Do At Rewa Ghat

The ghat is one of Varanasi’s cleanest, located in a stretch of ghats along the Ganga’s bank. The ghat is an ancient, fort-like structure that is fascinating to see and explore. This Ghat is surrounded by “Ganga Mahal Ghat” and “Tulsi Ghat,” both of which are quite busy. The view is excellent in the evening, and it’s also a tranquil spot for a perfect view of the holy river “Ganga” because it’s less crowded. One may have a fort-like experience and rent a boat to go boating. There are students seen drawing, sketching, painting, or even dancing and performing arts in the vicinity of the ghat. All this atmosphere gives the ghat a more pleasing, welcoming, and candid touch. People here are welcoming and always ready to tell tales of the celebrated legacy the place continues to take on further.