Famous Mata Mandirs In Varanasi

Varanasi or Benaras as it used to be called earlier is one of the most sacred places to visit in the country. Located along the bank of the holiest river Ganga in the South of Uttar Pradesh, the place is known for its serenity and surrealness. It is said that people who die here at Varanasi are freed from the cycle of life. Although it is the place where Hinduism originated, people of various other religions and casts live here too. Everything about Varanasi is so mesmerizing. You will get lost in some other world walking through the alleys. The Ganga Aarti will give your soul the ultimate peace and calmness. It is said that people who visit Varanasi often do not remain the same after they visit the place.
List of Mata Mandirs in Varanasi
The city is famous for its temples. Santoshi Mata Mandir, Varanasi Mata Mandir, Sankahtha Mata Mandir, etc. These are some of the most famous mandirs that you can visit here in Varanasi. Here is a list of the Mata Mandirs that you can visit in Varanasi.

  1. Sankata Mata Mandir

The Sankata Mata Mandir is often known as Sri Sankata Mata Mandir. It is one of the holiest Mata Mandirs in Varanasi dedicated to the goddess Sankata Devi. This Mata Mandir was constructed by the King of Baroda and holds great relevance for people who follow Hinduism. The temple is said to have been built by the King of Baroda back in the 18th Century when the Sankata Ghat was built. However, the Sankata ghat was made permanent and solid way later by the widow of a Brahmin Pandit. The name of the temple got its identity from the famous Sanskrit word ‘Sankat’ which danger. Hence, the Sankata Mata is also known as the goddess of danger.

  1. Bharat Mata Mandir

Bharat Mata simply means Mother India. Hence, Bharat Mata Mandir in other terms can also be referred to as Mother India Temple. This Mata Mandir is located on the campus of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, in Uttar Pradesh. Whereas in the general Mata temples you will find statues of goddesses, here you will find a huge map that shows undivided India. This map of India is carved on marble. The stone structured Bharat Mata Mandir is one of its kind, not only in India but in the world.

  1. Durga Mandir

As the name suggests, the mandir is dedicated to the goddess Durga or Durga Mata and holds extreme importance to Hindus. Rani Bhabani of Natore built the Durga Mandir in the 18th Century. This is one of the most famous Mata Mandirin Varanasi and is visited by tourists all around the year. The Durga Mandir is also known as the Durga Temple or the Durga Kund Mandir. The reason behind calling this Durga Kund Mandir is because of the Kund (pond). The temple was built beside a Kund. This Kund is directly connected to the holy river Ganga. The North Indian Nagara style of the temple is something that will catch your eyes. The temple is painted with red color to match the power and strength of the goddess Durga.

  1. Annapurna Devi Mandir

This is one of the most famous mandirs in Varanasi. The Annapurna Devi Mandir is also known as Annapurna Mata Mandir or simply Annapurna Mandir. Annapurna Devi is regarded as the goddess of nourishment and is known to be a form of the goddess Parvati. The temple as the name suggests was built by Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao and dedicated to the goddess of nourishment Annapurna Mata. Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao built the temple in 1729 AD. The Annapurna Devi Mandir was constructed in Nagara architecture. The picture of goddess Annapurna is placed in a sanctum that has huge pillared porches. You will find two statues of goddess Annapurna in this temple. One is made of brass and the other is made of gold. The brass temple is what the daily visitors get to see. The gold idol is worshiped only once a year, that is on Annakut day, which is commonly known as Goverdhan puja. This famous Mata Mandir is located in Visheshwarganj in Varanasi, which is located just 15 meters North-West of one of the most popular temples in Varanasi, the Kashi Vishwanath Temple.
Varanasi is the originating place of Hinduism and temples have been a part of the religion since ancient times. The city is known as the city of ghats and temples. You will various temples all over the city, each holding relevance and a fascinating story. Varanasi has deep spiritual roots. The temples here were built by various kings, saints, communities, guilds, and monasteries during different periods. The heritage of each temple will amaze you. The city is also known to be the favorite place of Lord Shiva. Varanasi is considered to be one of the holiest of the seven places (Sapta Puri) and has more than a thousand temples.

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